Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Better value in getting powdered form of supplements

Hey guys,

I was in a health store just yesterday and I was looking around at the different prices on some bottles of taurine. On one bottle of taurine there was 50 capsules with 500mg in each cap and the price was about $6.00 after a discount. The servings in the container was about 25. Next to that bottle I found powdered form of taurine which was $14.00 but the number of servings in the bottle was about 227. Thats like 10 times the amount in the capsule form, but instead of paying $60.00 for 10 of the capsule bottles to equal the powdered form bottle, it was just better to go with the powdered form for $14.00 . All of these years I have been buying supplements and buying the capsules, not paying attention to the cheaper powdered form of the supplements I wanted. So, if you are out shopping, considered getting the powdered form of your favorite supplement and save a bit of money.

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