Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Better value in getting powdered form of supplements

Hey guys,

I was in a health store just yesterday and I was looking around at the different prices on some bottles of taurine. On one bottle of taurine there was 50 capsules with 500mg in each cap and the price was about $6.00 after a discount. The servings in the container was about 25. Next to that bottle I found powdered form of taurine which was $14.00 but the number of servings in the bottle was about 227. Thats like 10 times the amount in the capsule form, but instead of paying $60.00 for 10 of the capsule bottles to equal the powdered form bottle, it was just better to go with the powdered form for $14.00 . All of these years I have been buying supplements and buying the capsules, not paying attention to the cheaper powdered form of the supplements I wanted. So, if you are out shopping, considered getting the powdered form of your favorite supplement and save a bit of money.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kidney Dialysis and otc remedies

There are hardly any otc (over the counter) remedies for kidney problems, and if you go to your local Wal-mart or CVS to find any, you probably won't. If you have been through dialysis before your doctor may have told you to start taking potassium and magnesium supplements. In other words your body may not be holding onto and processing electrolytes properly because of kidney problems. The problem is, these supplements are not going to be enough for optimum kidney health. Luckily, there are actually a few herbal supplements out there that really do help. Before I even start to talk about them, I do not guarantee that they will help someone with kidney failure live an extra day by taking them. They do help, but if someone you know has like 3 days to live and you read this blog and start buying these herbal medicines, and your loved one dies, please do not blame me. The kidney supplement that I have tried before actually helped me detox my system despite the cheap price that I found it at. My goal was to detox my kidneys to increase general health and metabolism, so I started looking into supplements beyond magnesium and potassium. I found something called "Kidney Aid" on the Internet and bought a few bottles just to test it out. I found it relatively cheap at $5.00 a bottle on the Internet somewhere at an online herbal shop. It was the only supplement out there for my kidneys that was reasonably priced, since I did not have a fortune to spend on kidney supplements. The directions said to take 1-2 capsules with a full glass of water and taking it with a meal was optional. I started doing this every day for 30 days but did not really notice a difference. I started reading the label and looking at the proprietary blend on the label and found that some of the ingredients were diuretics, which made sense for kidney flushing. One of the ingredients was goldenrod, that I researched on the Internet and found it to be an old chinese herb that was helpful for the kidneys. Goldenrod was quite expensive to buy it as a single herb in the bottle, so I figured it was one of the more important ingredients in this proprietary blend. The dosage of goldenrod was low in the blend, so I decided I would start taking more kidney aid capsules then recommended on the bottle, since all of the ingredients were natural herbs and there was no risk of overdose. I took 10 kidney aid pills to see what the effect was after being sure of my research there was no OD risk. After about 5 days of taking large amounts of kidney aid, I felt a major difference, as though my body was lighter and not as tense. The feeling is harder to describe, but I knew that it was working. Satisfied with the results of larger dosages of kidney aid, I went back online and ordered about 10 bottles. I figured this would be enough for a yearly detox since there are so many things being put into food nowadays like hormones and other bacteria that get processed with food. I also came across another cheap kidney supplement according to chinese herb lore called dandelion root. Thats right, the same dandelion root growing outside of your house that you call a weed has health value. Some of you may have even made a salad that included dandelion root. What I found was the dandelion extract which was suppose to be a concentrated form of dandelion so I would not have to eat 50 dandelion plants at one time. I was quick to order a few bottles since the dandelion extract was only a few dollars at an herbal shop online. In the week I decided to try dandelion out, I still had the kidney aid capsules, which I stopped taking just to isolate the dandelion root. Well, I started taking the dandelion supplements without the kidney aid because they had kidney helpful properties. The results were a difference kind of detox like feeling. The dandelion in large doses (about 10 capsules also) seemed to have a much quicker detox effect on my kidneys, unlike the kidney aid supplements that took about 3 days to start feeling. The instant result was decent from the dandelion supplements, but the long term feeling went away the next day after eating meals, drinking coffee, and consuming alcoholic beverages (in this case steel reserve 8.1%). To me, it was important to try out heavy meals like pizza, and have beer with the meals to give the herbal remedies a little competition. I found that the dandelion root was great to take after consuming alcoholic beverages compared to the kidney aid supplement. The dandelion seemed to be a quick cleanse, but not as thorough as the kidney aid. The kidney aid was the long term champion when it came down to overall kidney health maintenance, while the dandelion root may be good to have in the cabinet to cover a Saturday night with the beer cooler. I would still say taking both kinds of supplements would be the best way to maintain kidney health. Taking these supplements along with vitamin b6, magnesium, and potassium are probably the best thing you could do if you have a kidney problem or know someone who does. I am currently looking into whether or not milk thistle, an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to help the liver repair itself, helps with kidney detox since it is another organ that helps rid your body of toxins. If your liver is bad, don't you think there is going to be an extra toll on your kidneys or vice versa? If you are interested in finding the supplement called "Kidney Aid" or "dandelion root", shop around some on the Internet. I first found the average price for the kidney aid was $7.00 a bottle, but I found it cheaper on puritans pride website, who sells pretty reasonably priced supplements. I hope that this article was helpful for those out there who need something for their kidneys, because as far as I know there are no life saving prescription drugs out there for kidney problems.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to Healthy Investigations

Welcome to my blog! I am starting this new blog to talk about and share information about home remedies and other herbal medicines out in the market. I would like to stick to stuff that does not require a prescription to get. Before I continue, I would like to state that none of the herbal supplements that I talk about are 100% proven to save anyones life, so please do not hold something this important to what I blog about. I can only speak from my own personal experience with the herbal medicines I have tried. I am a 33 year old guy who has spent thousands of dollars on different types of herbal medicines and have actually found a few that help out in different ways depending on the need. I think its a good time to start sharing this information for those out there who have special needs. Sometimes you can find exactly what you need at your local Wal-mart or vitamin store. I like to stay away from the doctor myself and have been living with herbal remedies instead of prescription drugs for pretty much my whole life. I say pretty much because I actually took lisinopril for high blood pressure so many years ago, but I have found better ways to keep that under control without damaging myself with scripts. Well, since I am on the subject of high blood pressure I may as well tell you what I starting doing. One day when I was tired out I tried some of the Red Bull energy drink and it made me feel really good. I wondered why my heart was not pumping insanely with all of the crazy ingredients like caffeine and guarana, since they are known to increase heart rate and maybe even make your chest hurt. But thats when I started reading the label and discovered what else they were putting in there to compensate for the caffeine and other stuff to get you going. I concluded this main ingredient was taurine. Of course there is b6 and b12 to help compensate also, but taurine seemed to be the biggest additive that was doing the work load. I got online and ordered me a bottle of taurine just to try it out separetly to see what it does and if my suspicions were right. I took 2 of them and noticed somewhat of a difference when I drank some coffee. It seemed like my heart could handle another cup of coffee like I had only had one with the taurine. I looked up some information on wikipedia to see if there were any toxicities of taurine overdose and I found that there were known. One person even suggested on his website that someone needed to take at least 4-5 taurine 1000mg capsules to really feel what it does. He joked that the ingredient in Red Bull that gave it wings was indeed taurine, so I knew I was onto something good. I popped another 5 taurine capsuls making it a total of 7000mg because I like to know exactly what I am dealing with. Within abiout 30 minutes I could not even feel my heart beating, as it was handling the pot of coffee I was consuming better then usual. I was totally amazed at what was going on. It seems the taurine was making the load easier to handle. There is some literature on the internet about taurine you can read that will tell you more about how it is good for your heart. So if you ever get to the point where you drank too much cafeeine and your heart is pounding, or even hurting, try some taurine. Make sure you take about 5-7 grams of it though to get the real effect. Its safe and there is even some speculation that it can help your heart repair itself from certain stroke damage. I am not endorsing the last statement I just made, but I threw that out there to motivate you to do some real research on this herbal medicine. I will talk about other remedies I have tried throughout my blog, so feel free to be some of the first people to comment here and talk about taurine and other herbal drugs. I would like to just fill up the whole page today with everything I have to talk about, but I am going to go ahead and leave the subject on taurine for now. I realize it will take a little while to get into the search engine for people to talk about it.